Meanwhile down in College Station

The Aggies are running all over New Mexico. Not really surprising, but it appears their QB has progressed since last week. We will have our hands full.

The Aggs have a really good defense, too. That’s what beat the Buffs.

I think we thump them.


Good athletes all over the place for the Aggies. Punt returner looks very explosive. It will be a tough game, but their offensive line has shown some breakdowns that we might be able to exploit. If their QB is unpressured, he has shown that he has an accurate deep ball. He does not appear to play or throw as well on the run when scrambling. Deciding factor will probably be whose QB has more time to throw than the other? That means it is who wins the battle in the trenches. No surprise there. That is pretty much true at all games.

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I don’t think thumping Numex tells us any more about them than thumping GaSou will tell them about us.

Haven’t watched 1 play of it,knew it was going to be a beatdown.

He’s 19/33 with a pick and -17 rushing. Not sure he’s progressed at all

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Bring it on.

I watched bits of the Aggies game. I’m confident we can take um.

Didn’t they lose most of their offensive line?

I stopped watching early. I hope you’re right

They had their moments but looked bad quite a bit…

What position does Hans play?

As the king of typos (especially now with sight in just one eye) - not something I am proud of - I have to smile. :sunglasses:

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Minny slapped Colorado around 30-0. Doesn’t highly impress me what the Ags did there either.


There have been some interesting scores today. MSU led Memphis 17-7 at half. Memphis scored two TD’s in the 4th qtr—including a weird punt return reminiscent of the No TX return against us to take a 24-17 lead. MSU just scored to make it 28-23 with 3 mins to go.

I am NOT impressed with the MSU QB.

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Hans only plays on onside kick coverage, that’s why it’s called the Hans Team.

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Leach gets beat in Memphis….

Tee Hee

I’m no fan of Leach or the leg humpers, but they got screwed by several bad calls. Marc Curles’s crew.

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Memphis took advantage of the rule that a punt that has been touched by the kicking team can be returned without risk – even if you fumble, the ball is just returned to the spot of the touch.
But Memphis had two #4s on the field which is illegal.

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Curles stopped the clock 4 seconds early on Memphis when the coach was trying to call time too.

MSU did get screwed. Curles is terrible.