Meanwhile at Mizzou

Or maybe he just wanted to be the HC at the school where he was an assistant coach/coordinator for several years.

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Expect Sam is off and running, but lots of hurdles to clear and lots of decisions daily. Can he get em right 99 percent of the time? We won’t know for a bit. So far it’s been really good.

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Not true :wink:

I remember you were not. But a lot were all in at that point.

Just messing with you Greg, everyone knows I didn’t like Bret or the Allen’s. (I do give credit to both young men though, they far exceeded my expectations of them).

Agree, more important to know when to change your mind then get them right the first time. Sam has shown he is ok with having strong people around him to guide him–Odom probably serves the same role at Wilson Mathews did for Coach Broyles in that regard, I liked his decision to move linemen inside this week. He knows when he needs to step in and when to let his coaches handle it–that is often a more fine line than it seems to us fans.

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