Meanwhile, at BYU…

Really? In this day and age?

That’s disgusting


Time warp like stupid. Sad and disgusting.


Should KJ expect to hear that every time he drops back to pass? What about our receivers taking TDs into the end zone? And every time? One time should have been it and you’re gone. If it continued time and again, clear the stands or the teams just say, one more and the match is over. That is literally unbelievable to happen and be allowed to happen, considering how old I am. I never thought I would hear this now.


Curious why the game was not stopped to address the problem. The situation was serious enough to require posting a police officer on the Duke bench, but not serious enough to interrupt play?

Recall seeing Bobby Knight, Coach K, Eddie Sutton, and others stop the game and pick up the PA mic and address the unacceptable behavior. If that doesn’t work, everyone goes home. Pretty simple.

BYU Coach had to know what was going on.

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BYU statement —

Agree. The player’s mom is PO’d the situation wasn’t handled on the spot, especially since physical threats were made.

Dam shame, but I spent a lot time traveling thru Utah about 12-15 years ago. They have their own clicks and can be quite brash towards anybody not from there.
But this situation was way over the top, yes should have been addressed & handled immediately.

Can’t remember why Eddie admonished the crowd. Were they throwing coins at the referees?

For a long time the LDS had official racist policies; I believe blacks couldn’t be priests or deacons or something (I don’t pretend to understand how they do things) or even enter Mormon temples. Then the hierarchy had a revelation in the late 70s and backed off on that. But only 3% of Mormons are black and 7% Latino even today, according to Pew Research. And there is no church-affiliated school that is more identified with that church than BYU (98% of its students are LDS; even Notre Dame is only 82% Catholic).

I assume BYU is affiliated with the more sanitized, suitable for public consumption brand of the faith. I expect they will say all the right things and try to put this behind them as quickly as possible. I suspect they will find that not so easy to do. Scheduling home games may become a problem for them in all sports going forward.


Reading the statement, the person doing this was not a student at BYU. Just a random nut/racist that showed up at a public venue. So can you really hold that against BYU as an institution? Sounds like they’re doing all they can legally by banning this person from all BYU venues going forward.

This could happen anywhere. Someone like this not affiliated with UA could show up at Barnhill (where I think women’s volleyball plays) and do the same. We wouldn’t want everybody to hold it against the entire UA athletic program I’m sure.

I’m not holding it against BYU as an institution, they’ve issued the apology (although they’re not really at fault) and taken all actions they can to address the situation.


I cannot stand the “all of God’s children” mantra, which are just words.

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Disgusting. And from what I heard, when our basketball team played Duke in the National Championship in Charlotte in 1994, our team was subjected to racist (although not as overt) and condescending comments from Duke fans. At least the condescending part was hardly a surprise, but the other was disappointing to say the least.


True, but chances are extremely good that this person was LDS. Which reflects badly on a denomination that already has a racist history. But then Martin Luther King Jr. said in 1968 that the most segregated hour in American society is 11 a.m. on Sunday, and that hasn’t changed very much. In a whole lot of denominations, including the one I grew up in (although we universally started at 10:30).

I don’t hold it against BYU per se either. They’ve done what they could, and I liked that the BYU AD called out the racists before the next volleyball game.

And Bob is right, Duke ain’t blameless either.

A lot of colleges are banning whites from some areas and living quarters. Racism comes in different color and ethnicity. “Safe Spaces”, nothing divisive here, move along. When does ignorance, intolerance and cowardice get addressed and rebuffed? Is freedom too difficult for a timid/fractured soul to embrace? Will gutlessness make this post vanish like a puff of smoke? GUTLESSNESS is just another word for COWARDICE or PUSILLANIMITY. My image is that of a wet noodle.
Will the powers in charge at BYU loudly call this
occurrence out for formal admonishment and seek to identify those guilty and bring them before the BYU Student Advisory Council to face disciplinary actions?

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The statement from BYU Athletics says they identified the person and it wasn’t a student. Not much BYU can do other than ban that person from BYU venues, which they did.


Good to hear, thanks.

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This comes as no surprise unfortunately and would not be surprised to see this happening frequently. It’s very disappointing to say the least. WPS

Should also be noted that some Jazz fans have been banned for racist slurs directed at Ja Morant’s parents during the playoffs (it’s not like Utah doesn’t have black players either).

Sad fact is that too many people are willing to out themselves as racists because it’s more widely accepted in the past few years.


Obviously I’m not a Duke fan, but I was there. Didn’t hear anything racist, but condescending…100%. Felt really good to beat the “smarter” team in their own back yard.