Meantime at Auburn...

According to ESPN this afternoon;Bruce Pearl is close to losing his job.Apparently the University hired a law firm to conduct an internal investigation into the basketball program to find out the damage and if Pearl knew anything and he is refusing to answer any questions about his program…may be another reason Jacobs took retirement…the sh$t about to hit the fan big time there.sorry i can’t provide a link but not techno smart…on their front page.

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You’d think he would have learned about stonewalling an investigation from his show-cause at Tennessee. Although I guess a show-cause is nothing next to an all-expenses-paid trip to Club Fed.

thanks swine!

Swine I would imagine the pay will be much lower at Club Fed. He may learn a new profession. And there is an SEC rule about schools in the conference consulting with the commissioner before you hire a coach with a checkered past. I just wonder who will hire Pearl when his Fed time is complete ?

Yeah there won’t be a side gig with ESPN in Club Fed. I hear inmate labor makes about $1 an hour, give or take a few cents. One of the cushier Club Fed locations is actually in Montgomery, AL, about 55 miles from Allbarn, on the grounds of an air force base there. As for consulting the commish, he should have been consulted before Auburn hired his show-cause carcass to begin with. Bruce is only 57, so he may have a few good years left if someone gets desperate enough to hire him (and as we’ve seen with Lane Kiffin, there are schools that are that desperate).
By the way, there are 133 locations of Club Fed. Some are fairly cushy, some anything but.

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I had to take a few from a court Marshall sentencing to Fort Leavenworth and it sure didn’t look like the Hilton Inn!
Pearl will fit in nicely.
By the way the SEC has several more candidates for a room a club Fed they just have not been caught yet!