Meant to post Saturday night

I was at dinner with my wife and got a call about highly recruited 2018 WR Erik Ezukanma of Keller, (Texas) Timber Creek and was told Arkansas was a major player with him and about the time I was going to continue the call I got the LOOK from Megan and decided it was best to end the call.

I mentioned elsewhere I wasn’t sure they would sign a WR in the 18 class, but Erik is one to keep an eye on.

Megan is extremely understanding of the job and puts up with a lot, but we were out at a nice restaurant and I knew it was time to focus on her. Later in the night, the Reggie Perry stuff started hot and heavy so I was focusing on that after Megan went to bed.

You’re forgiven this time! Ha! Don’t blame you. Gotten that look a few times before. But this does sound like good news.

You and I both know the look from our wives well.

But they are both tremendously happy that we are working together now and it reduces the looks.

Your hot and heavy comment reminds me of an old Seinfeld episode. Priorities man. Save the hot and heavy for your wife, not Reggie Perry or any other recruit! :wink:

I stand by my original thought of Arkansas not signing a WR in this class.