mea culpa from Wally

Read Wally’s article about HY’s homerun hire after reading the one that said he went many miles to get his man. Sounds like he went off half cocked in the first article making assumptions about who the job was offered to, then after someone debriefed him with the real skinny, he has to come back and pay homage to how well the job was actually handled. But of course he does not bring up his aforementioned blunderings.

I don’t read _ally _all, because he has a history of making it up as he goes along, so there is nothing new there.

What Marty said…

For more reasons than his sorry writing skills…

He needs to be made to retire, seems like the editor would have to answer for putting out lazy assumptions as fact in the state newspaper. They need someone fresh. Memphis brought in Mark Gianotto he is good, came from Blacksburg, I believe. Good writer, wise beyond his years. It time for a change at the democrap, there are good young writers out there that report the unbiased truth.

They won’t get rid of _ally. My parents moved from SW Missouri to Bella Vista in the early 80s. They began taking the Demozette. Several years later, Daddy began complaining about _ally. I suggested that he switch to the Morning News of NWA.

When he called the Demozette to cancel, he was asked why. He told them that it was because of _ally. The person taking his cancellation said, “We get that a lot.” Now, of course, the papers are all under the same umbrella and you can’t get away from _ally _all.

WH is the dark side. He is only relevant because he chooses to be controversial. Just like Goodman. Poor columnists (people that aren’t read because of the quality of their work) have to gather readers in other ways. When Clay puts up an article, I read it. I know it’s going to be an enjoyable read, make me think, teach me something, and possibly make me laugh. I have no doubt WH knows this distinction and has chosen to embrace it. Otherwise, he would simply disappear.

So true on the WH article…found myself laughing when reading it. Each line was like a Michael Jackson moonwalk. Total WH trying to save face for going half cocked on HY in the last one! Nate might need to think about doing it as well after he went off on how it was handled, or not handled per his article!

You are dead on about Nate, but instead of holding his hat in his hand, he is doubling down, pissed that Scotty isn’t going to have an assistants job, maybe he’ll print it next year when he sees the muss taking the hogs to the front of the class,

WHAT are you guys talking? Jolly Wally beat Clay in short hand 2 to 1 60 years in a dream I had. I just know it!