Me Thinks We Beat Ole Miss Today (From Paris)

I know, I’m rubbing it in, but I can’t help myself with all these references to my trip to the UK. I’m headed home thru Atlanta from Paris with a 4.5 hour layover…ugh!

But I think we will beat Ole Miss, simply bc I think our defense is better than there’s. I think both offenses are still trying to find their groove and will be inconsistent today. And our QB is more seasoned and will make better decisions today with the ball. That’s my rationale but have no clue about a score prediction.

I’ve so enjoyed being off the last 10 days, never have taken off that much time from my practice. The other docs on here know what a big deal that is for us. I’m sure I’ll get slammed next week but that’s ok and part of it. Tough time while I’ve been gone for a few folks I. Close with…my dad in his mid 70’s needs shoulder surgery, a good critical care friend of mine had a heart attack night before last, and another good friend at church was sent to MD Anderson while I was gone for biliary/liver cancer. I’ve told family and friends life is short and a blessing, so we better get to enjoying it while we can…be it travel or ballgames or whatever floats your boat.

Another thing…I’m ready for some Louisiana food again, probably the best in the world. I’ve had all the fish and chips and UK food that I want for awhile. These people need to discover Tony’s C for some seasoning! I just told my wife I’m going to smoke or grill something Sunday, because I need some BBQ/grilled meat!

Anyway, GHG! I’m praying we land in time for me to see the 2nd half tonight! Fingers crossed.

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I’m with you doc. I think we will beat the Rebs. And like you I was ready for some good home cooking after a couple of weeks in the UK. Safe travels and thanks for being a health provider. I have doctor friends and see how hard you work and pressure you are under.

No idea why this thread was in Suggested Topics, but it aged poorly.

Hope the BBQ was good