Me thinks it's very bad news that Collin Clay

is apparently leaving, He is a big, athletic D-lineman

Could be several others.

Who? Why?

Because we have a new coach and players often don’t sign with the school, they sign with the coach. Their coach leaves, so do they.

Thanks for the cliche’ answer, Swine. I was asking RD if he knows of any specific players - not that he could out them, and more curiously, why people would leave now. It seems very premature. We haven’t named coordinators. Clay, specifically, seemed thrilled with fan engagement and such. Maybe he just doesn’t want to spend 2 years building something…that certainly has some merit. But i was hoping for more specific information.

I would calm down. Kids will always be looking to leave after coaching change. There might not be anymore but that’s probably unlikely.

I have no problem with the guys that want to leave, I don’t care how good they are if they don’t want to be here you will never get 100% from them when times are tough. I wish them the best and no hard feelings from this fan. WPS

I told you why people would leave now. So did Richard:

Kids will always be looking to leave after coaching change.

Good luck to him. If a kid doesn’t want to be here, he should leave.

Most certainly, if a player has been on the Fayetteville campus for
however many years and they don’t like it and wish to leave, goodbye and please close the door on your way out.
I’m finishing an excellent book,‘GRIT’ by Angela Duckworth, who is brilliant, and she has touched on what some of our likely problems have been.
Some of the remaining players should possibly move to a different
school or occupation.

Maybe Odom will change his mind.

Reminds me of an old saying I’ve heard several coaches repeat, “If I have to beg them to come (or stay), I’ll have to beg them to play.”

I get it. Just wondered if there was any specific feedback. Guess not.