Me during today's game...

Excited. Disappointed. Disappointed. Almost switched channel. Getting a litte excited. Excited. EXCITED! Getting worried. Getting more worried. EXCITED!!

That about sums it up.

Hahah. I was about the same, except I didn’t want to change the channel

Comments: I guess for many of us that is the major differences that separate coaches from fans or on lookers

I am amazed basketball coaches live to see 60.

At first I though Arkansas would win. However, with less than 10 minutes to go, I believed Tennessee would win. Regardless, as a Razorback fan, there was no way I would stop watching the game.

You have it right. Can’t change the channel or stop watching. Until the clock reads 00:00 there’s always hope! It’s been a long since we have been competeive for a few years in a row so I’m enjoying it. I watched even when we found ways for Heath to choke at crunch time in games and during the idiots time. MA should have been hired when Nolan left and we would have never missed a beat!
I would imagine a lot of coaches are on medicine for high blood pressure. The stress on a fan is tuff but on a coach it must be terrible