McTelvin Agim

Really good work this morning by Tom Murphy on the upbringing of McTelvin Agim. … ood-did-n/

Good read Matt!

Nastiest D-Line we’ve ever had potentially with Wise and Agim at DE and Ledbetter Jackson/Johnson in the middle. Dirty.

I do recall the line with Dan Hampton, Jimmy Walker and Dale White. That one will be hard to beat. But I like the prospects with this line for 2016 and going forward.

I remember the line with Billy Ray Smith and Doughnut Richardson, which was pretty good.

Billy Ray played L B.

Billy Ray Smith played inside early on at Arkansas and mostly defensive end later in his career. Pretty sure he didn’t become a full time LB until the NFL.

Holtz ran a 5-2 defense. Which is not all that much different from the modern 3-4, except the DEs were on the line every play, not just as pass rushers. BRS was an end in that system from day one.