McTelvin Agim will return for senior season … 19-season/

That’s good news. I know it wasn’t his plan and, for him, I hate that, but I think he’s made a wise decision and I hope he has a breakout year this coming season.

Good to hear. I hope he stays healthy, has a great year, and becomes an NFL millionaire in 2020.

Good news

I was hoping he would come back. These boys need to want to turn things around. They can do it.

Good news, we need him badly.
Sosa has a good head on his shoulders, thinks things through obviously. Knows what he needs to do.
Draft report probably a major factor in his decision as well.

Very smart decision!! Needs to get bigger stronger and faster!

Another piece of the puzzle. Thanks Agim.

I’m glad to hear the young man is coming back. I hope the hogs can assemble a line around him that can be effective. If he plays well and puts in the work he will play on Sunday’s, that’s my opinion.

Good for both parties… he’s been a focused Hog and hopefully has the really big senior year.

I did not realize until I read the article that he was more productive in 2018 than 2017. Easy to miss some positive glimmers in the midst of 2-10.

I think he made the right choice for his financial future to come back for his senior year. If he can stay healthy, even incremental improvement should get him a better rookie contract, as well as a much greater probability of being on an active roster on opening day. A big senior year could get him into the second day of the draft, which would mean a fat signing bonus.

Selfishly I am thrilled he made this decision but honestly feel it was probably the best move for him. Now it is time to have an awesome senior year and help teach and lead the young ones coming in! Glad to have you back Sosa!!!

I think he is capable of taking a leap kind of like Armon Watts did this year.

This is so encouraging