McShay: Burks to Philly at #19

Eagles already have some decent receivers including a Heisman Trophy winner but Burks would fit in well as a slot receiver. Seems to be maybe a better spot than Cleveland as some have projected. Paywall:

You can’t have too many GREAT receivers. And about the time you think you have enough in that long NFL season, you don’t.

I also saw him listed as 14th to Cleveland in a CBS mock draft.

Maybe some team will trade up to get Burks. Cleveland and Baker Mayfield can’t seem to make it work.

Please not Philly or any NFC West team unless somehow the Cowboys and I know that ain’t happening!

I saw several mock drafts scrolling across the ticker on the NFL Network last night. The highest pick I saw for Treylon Burks was #8 (Atlanta) and the lowest was #11 (Washington).

Sorry, I didn’t pay attention to the ‘experts’, I mean authors, of the mock drafts. lol

Interesting. Early in the year he said he lacked speed.

This is what he wrote about Burks on 10-27-21:

Burks doesn’t have a ton of speed, and he won’t burn defensive backs off the line of scrimmage. But he is a savvy route runner who knows how to find the soft spots in zone coverage and use his frame to generate late separation. But what puts Burks in the top 20? His ball skills. He can pluck on the run with his oversized hands and does an outstanding job with body control to haul in deep passes or off-target throws. Burks is also effective after the catch, transitioning upfield, showing good vision and breaking tackles along the way. His 717 receiving yards are No. 10 in the nation, while his seven touchdown catches are tied for 12th.

Then he watched the Alabama game, lol.

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