McIntire's Contribution Yesterday

98 pitches in relief of Tygart…very impressive performance, even in consideration of his initial blow up in the fourth inning. I feel he took this one on the chin.

We just were facing a better pitcher who had excellent control yesterday, along with a couple very beneficial inside strike calls.

It seemed like DVH expected a tight game, going for an early bunt to move Bolton forward. Gotta make hay when the guys are in scoring position. We didn’t last night…but, McIntire gave us chances, and we did not use/waste another arm.

Hopefully, the Hog pitching is good to go today. wps

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MCEntire had one bad inning and wasn’t ready to pitch in that 4th inning. After that he was lights out! On the other hand the offense was bad all night. Every ball the hogs hit that bounced off of a Sc player went right to their teammate for an out!
Sometimes it’s just not your night!
Flush it and play the next game!


My thoughts exactly. Win today and this has been a very good series against a really good team.

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