Albeit abbreviated, Jordan McFarland had a good summer in the California Collegiate League. He batted .387 with 18 RBI in 16 games, and was voted MVP of the league’s championship game after he recorded four hits and 2 RBI. He and Angus Denton were members of the championship team, Conejo Oaks.

Denton is a submarine pitcher that few mention when talking about next year’s team, but I think he will have a role. He had a 1.12 ERA and six saves this summer.

Great news, thanks for the information. Keep up the good work.

McFarland can be a definite offensive threat. He needs to find a position other than 1B or find a way to get over his yips when catching popups.

I do not think McFarland’s position is the outfield. Those spots will be taken. I did not see him do anything at third base in scrimmages that I thought was consistent. So, first base is probably going to be his spot. If he hits, he’ll probably play enough to get comfortable there. If he doesn’t hit, well, you won’t see him.