McFarland’s HR made it moot, but

Why was Kjerstad sent back to 2nd? He clearly tagged. The announcers said something about a rule, but what possible rule could it be? If the question was whether he tagged on the catch, it should have been reviewed

The rulebook (Appendix E, Section 1.c.10.d) states that on any no-catch call that is overturned, all runners must return to their base at the time the pitch was thrown.

Not sure I understand the rationale. If it’s ruled a non-catch I can see making the runner return if he advances without tagging based on the call, but when the runner is tagging & runs, he gets no advantage by the errant call.

Oh well, thanks for the explanation.

Just a bad rule! It was a catch but it was a legal tag up. That’s one rule that needs to be looked at it the meeting to change the game and make it better!

Van Horn was probably more upset at the rule than the umpires last night. The umpires were just following the letter of the rulebook.