McFadden Update - DMac is Dallas' "insurance policy"

Very frustrating way for DMac to be spending what may be the last year of his supreme physical talent . . . sitting around doing nothing.

I don’t blame the Cowboys - they have to do what is best for their team. It is a business, after all. But I can’t help but wonder how McFadden would be bursting through those gaping holes Elliott has benefited from with a competent QB and Dez back on the field (something McFadden didn’t have last year as he finished 4th in the NFL in rushing, even though he didn’t start until game #7). … -mcfadden/

I mourn for DMac’s pro career, too. Still time marches on. We don’t have to like it. What Dallas needs to do is trade Tony (I am not the Man) Romo and Dez (Headcase) Bryant for just an absurd number of high draft picks. Do it today. It’d be like the Hershel Walker deal. Only double. Do it today.

He’s getting a lot of money to not get his body abused by NFL defenders, so there are worse things. There is always the chance that Morris or Elliott gets hurt, and a nice, fresh DMac gets to go have fun in the playoffs, so he may still get some game action this year.

The interesting thing will be what happens in 2017. I would guess some team might sign him to a very cap-friendly deal based on 2015. He is keeping himself in shape and physically he will be about the same as 15.

They can’t.
The trade deadline passed.

Plenty of opportunities to come. Start the process. Today.

DMac played so well last year…I hate it for him.

Surely Green Bay could have used him or even Kansas City.

I consider him the greatest Razorback football player. What a stud.

i thougt that DMAC Was injuried

He was. He’s healthy now.

If you had read the link provided in the OP, you’d know the answer to your question.


So, Dallas has Tony Romo and DMac as “insurance policies.” Not a bad situation to be in but it looks like Jerry is going to blow that to smithereens with his singleminded approach to yanking the young guy and installing TR on the throne. Might work but could blow up bigtime.