McDonalds All-America selection

Another piece to enjoying a recruiting home run for the program is to enjoy watching our future stars play in McDonalds AA game.

Last Hog to play in that game was Bobby Portis. Last time two Hogs played in that game was the MayDay combo.

McAA team is selected by a selection committee. But I am sure they pay attention to the recruiting rankings.

It seems Nick Smith is a shoo-in to play that game. He is ESPN #6 and 5*, 247 #8 and 5* and composite 5* and #9. Based on that I don’t know how any committee member can leave him off the team.

There is some uncertainty with Walsh. He is ESPN #7 and 5*, 247 #38 and 4* and composite #27 and 5*.

It has been 30 plus years since 2 Hogs played in that game. It will be nice to get Walsh in there and get even bigger pub for the program.

As far as Ware, he is 247 #15 and 5* and composite #21 and 5*. So, Ware is also an uncertain McAA selection possibility.

247 has Walsh as a 5 star now. Still #27 though. Rivals has him as a 4.

247 also has our class #2 behind Duke. Rivals has us 4th. It would be interesting to see if flipping Ware or landing Black put us on top.

IIRC Mickey D takes the top 24 basically. Walsh would be borderline. So would Black.

We had a couple of close calls to getting more than one McDonald’s selection in a game. The 92 game had Corliss and Michael Lloyd, who was committed but didn’t have the grades to be eligible. The following year we had Darnell Robinson and a couple of players we thought we were getting: Gerald Honeycutt and Sylvester Ford. Then the 94 game we had Kareem Reid and almost had Jelani Gardner. So it was close but not quite


This was in the era when Nolan used to break out the “we’ve got a bunch of Burger King All Americans” line from time to time. Thought that was clever.

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That’s the 247 composite (247, ESPN and Rivals combined) you saw. 247 is the outlier, they have him at #38 and a 4 star. Honestly, I don’t understand how 247 still has him so low after these last 3 AAU events (Pangos, Top 100, and McDonalds), where he’s been in everyone’s rankings of the top 10 players at those events. Doesn’t make sense to me.

It’s Jordan’s all around play that makes him so valuable. He’s not a top 5 scorer, top 5 assist man, or top 5 rebounder. However, he’s generally been in the top 10 in all 3 of those categories while playing against the top 100 players in the country.

And, he is probably the best player in the country in transition. A super, super athlete. As a high school senior, he’s probably comparable to College Jr, Michael Qualls as an athletic transition player. That’s high praise coming from me.


Great memory. I remember when all those guys visited, in addition to Tony Delk, Ron Mercer, etc. There was a kid named Howard Nathan, who was a Mickey D’s AA, who tried to transfer here from DePaul during those days too. He was an all world point guard. He was taking classes at NWACC but couldn’t get eligible. I played pickup with him in Barnhill at night. He was sick. There weren’t many guys, in those days, that Coach Richardson couldn’t get to visit. Muss is finally bringing that back.

True, and he’s also #38 on the 247 only list.

Walsh has had a couple really good invitational camps with a lot of Five Star competition… he should climb up in the rankings for Rivals and others.

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This is some A+ recall. I lived for this stuff back then but I had forgotten about Michael Lloyd and Sylvester Ford (I think they listed his FT% as like 92% - probably fudged as I think his dad was his coach… and he was generally overrated). Man, Michael Lloyd…. dang I wish we had gotten him!

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The following year, Lloyd became eligible and signed with Syracuse. Anyone recall why he went with Syracuse and not stayed with Arkansas?

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Lloyd went to juco at San Jac for two years before going to Syracuse for one season. But the NCAA ruled that he or somebody had falsified his San Jac transcript, thus he had never been eligible, and he turned pro.

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Okay, but why did he not come to Arkansas for that one season instead of going to Syracuse?

It’s very rare for a kid to be parked in juco and actually wind up with the school that parked them there. Things change in two years. Personally I’m glad we didn’t get his phony transcript. We had enough problems with juco kids as it was. It’s also possible we smelled an academic rat and steered clear.
Also, don’t I recall that we agreed to stop recruiting juco kids for a while as part of our mini probation after the Adebayo-Pate mess?

I think it was Coach Broyles that decided we weren’t going to recruit juco kids for awhile - must to Nolan’s consternation.

Think that was John White on Juco rule!

It may have been White or JFB, but Lloyd may have fallen into that no-JC period. Although now that I look back, Lloyd’s one year at Syracuse was 94-95, before the Adebayo-Pate stuff. He would have been on our NC team if he were eligible (would he have beaten Beck out at point guard? We’ll never know.)

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