McDonalds AA team

Just announced. Baye Fall and Talihah Scott made it.
As did Ron Holland.

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and in a return to one and done KY, they have 4 Mickey D signees.

Kentucky, which has the No. 1 recruiting class in 2023, leads the way with its four signees. Top prospect Justin Edwards, No. 3 D.J. Wagner and No. 4 Aaron Bradshaw headline the Wildcats’ group, while No. 21-ranked Reed Sheppard rounds out the quartet. Robert Dillingham, the fifth member of coach John Calipari’s top-ranked class, was ineligible since he joined Overtime Elite after leaving Donda Academy (California).


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Dillingham, ranked No. 11 in the ESPN 100, is the highest-ranked player not selected to the game.

Bronny headlines the group LOL only thing he headlines is being Daddy’s boy…
We will see how he turns out.


The thing is, Billy, he is not even a 5 star. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 4 star play in the McDonald’s AA game.

And I have read stories on his recruitment…total nightmare. You have to make an appointment with his mom’s publicist and can only contact her on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can’t talk to the kid or “The Chosen One” at all. His NIL valuation is over $7mil…what a joke. The kid just ain’t that good.

Glad Muss didn’t fall for that trap. I sure wish The Squid would have. I always love it when the circus comes to Lexington.


Yeah that’s Daddy’s boy right there getting all that stuff because of Dad


Can you imagine trying to coach him? He’s got to be pure cancer to whatever locker-room he ends up in. His high school is basically an all-star team of rich athlete’s kids.

The problem is it just doesn’t seem worth the potential return. From everything I’ve read about the kid, he seems like a potentially fine D1 player.

But, my god, the focus you bring to the program and the potential headache of having to bench the kid if he isn’t very good is just way too much of a risk. I’ll pay him 7 million in NIL money, with the understanding that his dad is going to pony up 21 million to the overall NIL fund. That’s my starting point for negotiation.

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Bronny…cue the eye roll!! No thank you for this circus. $7mil is ridiculous and smells of desperation in order to have him at your school and the hopes that pops will always be in attendance when not playing. You already see how pops try’s to run the show for the Fakers and he isn’t the coach. Lord knows what he will say behind the scenes if his son isn’t playing or is benched for something pops doesn’t agree with! You can have that circus all you want!

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ARROGANCE personified. Like father like son.

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