McCann working on his hitting

Healthy McCann aims to be ‘tough out’ for Tigers

This is a story on my favorite subject. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the way James McCann does things. That’s why when Dave Van Horn compares Grant Koch to McCann it was something to think about. Now I see Koch doing some things that no other Arkansas catcher did as a sophomore. McCann did post big numbers as a junior, but he was not near the threat that Koch is now as a sophomore.

McCann told me in January that he’d have a better year at the plate, if he could just stay healthy. He’d never faced an in-season injury like that last year. He played well before he should have because he wanted to prove his toughness and value to the team as a defensive catcher. But it tore apart his approach to the plate, and his ability to stay on balance.

Here’s hoping James is 100 percent for most of this season. One thing to note, this is a big year for him. He will be eligible for arbitration after this season. He’s going to get a nice salary bump regardless (and he’s with the Tigers for a few more years). But he could get a huge bump with a good year.