McCann traded to Orioles

Maybe he will be there long enough to get some playing time with HK…if he ever hits the bigs with the parent.

McCann will be Adley Rutschman’s back up, but will play a lot. Rutschman DH’d frequently when he wasn’t catching last year, so there will be times they’re in the lineup at the same time. McCann was apparently told to expect in the neighborhood of 80 games. He’ll also be a great resource for Rutschman as he develops as a big league catcher. Rutschman appears to be the real deal — a long-time star in the making. Hope the O’s can hang on to him. BTW, Heston Kjerstad was MVP of his Arizona Fall League. He’s beginning to climb up the O’s minor league ladder. Finished the regular season in High A.

Interestingly enough, Kjerstad fell out of the Orioles’ top 10 prospect rankings by Baseball America after the Arizona Fall League. He was No. 8 in the midseason top 30 last year.

It looks like he was jumped by some of the 2022 draft picks.

Hadn’t seen that. After missing most of two seasons, I guess he still has something to prove.

I was surprised to see it because of how well Kjerstad played in Arizona.

He has was jumped by outfielder Kyle Stowers in the prospect rankings since July. Stowers is in Class AAA.

Stowers is now on the 40-man MLB roster and has a great chance to make the club this year after his late season call up.

I’m a big oriole fan. Lifetime one. McCann will get more playing time because they want regular catcher to get rest, also will use rauchman as dh. I was very happy. As far as Heston he tore up rookie a ball. Not so much in regular a ball than smoked Arizona league. He need to move up to aa Bowie quickly and tear it up. If that happened orioles might move him to majors mid or late season. Another possiblity is they have a deep minor league collection and they are looking for a starting pitcher. Most free agents that are good are gone so he may get be part of a trade package this year. However o’s need hitting badly. Hope he stays an oriole and shines

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Will, I assume you know that Rauchman was the catcher for OSU when we played them in the CWS final in 2018.

Yes I know. Glad the orioles got him. But was sure rooting against him in omaha

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