What ever happened to McBride ? Did he comitt to somewhere else ?

No commitment. It is my belief that he has not received an offer, but I am hoping there is a silent understanding about the situation. Issac is being very hush, hush about the whole thing. It seems like it is another one of those fluid situations where a couple of things need to happen (or not happen) before anyone makes their next move.

I hope and pray that Mackey is remaining patient while things get sorted out with this next recruiting class. I readily admit that my biggest Hog Sports related desire right now is to see Mackey suited up in an Arkansas uniform and on the floor this time next year. But right now, everything seems to be on hold.

I think, but am not certain that it’s tied in with KK who is tight with Moody. With all the guards they currently have I think they have prioritized KK over McBride (and I have no idea who is better, both were wanted by Kansas that tells me all I need to know).

KK can step in right away next year, but McBride will not be eligible until the 2nd semester.

Issac McBride Stats for 2018-2019 High School Season

986 points (School Record - broke his own record)

29 Points per Game

Effective FG percentage 68.7% (2FGM + 1.5*3FGM) / FGA

67% 2 Point FG’s (187/279) (avg 5.5 made 2’s per game)

47% 3 Point FG’s (117/249) (avg 3.44 made 3’s per game)

90.6% Free Throws (261/288) (avg 7.68 made FT’s per game)

140 assists (4.1 per game) (did not really play as a true PG)

152 rebounds (4.5 per game)

The one caveat to this is that when the game was close and the opponent was strong, he played better. When the opposition was weak, he led the team extremely unselfishly and even suppressed his scoring. There were times he would get double teamed and pull the defense out near halfcourt and enjoy watching his teammates roll up a solid lead playing 4 on 3. Those numbers could be even gaudier if he was not such a team player.

High Game at Russellville (20-7 12-2 record in 5A West)

58 points
Effective FG% 91.3%
3 pointers 10/14 = 71.4%
2 pointers 6/9 = 66.7%
FT’s 16/18 = 88.9%
5 Rebs
4 Assists

AND he sat out about 4 minutes in the 3rd Q with a tweaked ankle - getting it taped

Having watched both, I favor McBride. Already a great shooter and has a high ceiling as a ball handler. Could be one of those shooting and scoring PGs that we see on some teams and envy them.

KK is good too. Not sure if he has peaked out already.

I rather have McBride over KK and Ambrose over Moore. I want the best 5, not Fab 5.

I said this to Ramblin in a pm, but I don’t think KK is the hold up. I think it’s Walker. Kid actually said he took his ACT the Sat we played AUB. So, obviously college is a legit interest and having only one scholarship right now, it’s McBride or Walker. I think if Walker says he’s heading to China, you’ll see McBride become a Hog.

And I agree with you about Ambrose and Moore, but I think we have a better shot with Moore as of this moment

You’re making all this up. Just rambling on… This is some of that fake news I’ve heard tell of. :sunglasses:

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Got your stat tagged video evidence right here, Ivan (the Ruski) Pavlov! :laughing:

I would show it to you, but that could get me accused of collusion. :wink:

One thing that puzzles me is why has McBride not been pursued by other schools to get a commitment. The way McBride blew up, a lot of schools should want him. Seems like he would be telling Arkansas to either offer him or he is going elsewhere. Since that has not happened, I have to assume he does not have any good offers. That is quite puzzling.

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Man, I can’t get there. I really, really like KK. I just think he’s more skilled overall than McBride. McBride is no doubt the better shooter and scorer, but KK handles better, facilitates better, penetrates better, longer arms, defends better…at the same size.

What KK did on the Nike EYBL circuit last summer was super impressive. He proved high value at the highest level. Great start at Oak Hill. I think his stock is going up, and I’m betting he becomes a really good player at Arkansas and the SEC.

FWIW, I was told he visited two other SEC schools. I’m not 100% sure if it’s correct or I would say the schools.

That sounds like you believe he’s silently committed, or at least a lock for Arkansas. Do you believe that’s true, even if Moody goes elsewhere and KK also gets an offer from that school? Do we expect Moody and KK to be early signees?

UVA was the first to contact McBride after his KU departure. Don’t know if there is an offer there though.

Appears UVA has an open schollie right now as well. If they offer it to him… well…