McBride talks Arkansas offer … own-arkan/

He was well prepared for your Q&A. Well thought out answers right down the center.

Very much so.

Seems like a very impressive young man what an addition he would be.

sounds like a thoughtful kid. doesn’t sound all that excited about the offer.

I have always liked Isaac and think he will be a solid to very good high D-1 player. My question is can we take both him and Justice Hill? Or do we need to save some room for bigs and big wings?

I’ll put up his thoughts after the weekend, but I would say from talking to him and some others around him, that he was disappointed that he wasn’t offered earlier. But also knows that he had to go out and prove it this summer to Arkansas, Kansas and others - all of whom came in after his play in July.

He talked about knowing coaches wanted to see him make more of a transition to being a point guard, instead of a combo one. That is something he says he is still in the process of doing.

After talking with him, if he goes somewhere else it won’t be because of something against Arkansas, but because of something about the other place.

I think Arkansas is likely to get the fifth visit and it is a fluid situation.