McAdoo is a stud

1st game started as a true freshman, after spending all off and pre-season at another position…

He was outstanding, and looked like our best DB. Makes one wonder why did he not play previously.

He was outstanding. He played with great confidence and effort. We need to add more players that push to excel like McAdoo has. He is a gifted athlete with drive and grit. His demeanor and play on the field demonstrated maturity beyond his years.

It’s like he knew he could do as good or better than what he was seeing on the field. Hence he asked to move to the secondary and proved it quickly. In just a matter of a couple weeks.
Has me wondering why he wasn’t getting more reps at WR. playbook maybe, planned redshirt?

Absolutely a stud!!

He was really really good …this week will be a step up in competition as LSU has some very good receivers who are quite a bit better than anybody Liberty had but I loved what I saw from McAdoo. I love this aggressiveness attacking the ball and he has those great hands from being a receiver he looked like a natural back there but let’s see how he does this week and next week against very good receivers and LSU and Ole Miss

Had his hand in a cast early on, I think.

His effort and heart are his best attributes. He takes great pride in representing and being an Arkansas Razorback.
UA…Campus of Champions

An impressive debut for McAdoo gives me hope that he will be the next great Arkansas d back. If Catalon can or will come back next year, we can have a vastly improved secondary. He will be tested today, but I expect that he will have a solid game. Ordinarily, you would expect that LSU would try to pick on the inexperienced freshman. I don’t think that will happen. Our porous secondary has too many weak spots that theTigers can exploit without challenging McAdoo.

You don’t have to wonder. Coach answered that question in his press conference.

Can you believe it took Bledsoe getting hurt to start the greatest QB if all time. What was that no name coach thinking?

I guess that’s a good argument, except the comparison is not similar…our whole secondary is substandard.

Which is why they went McAdoo

Can’t argue that our secondary was adequate today, if not just plumb good.

Defense played very well today!

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