Has a 6-5 9th grader who just moved up to the high school team and put up 38 pts. Braxtyn McCuien.

I watched him in a tournament last weekend and he looked smooth for his age! He can shoot and rebound. He can compete with the senior high players for sure.

Does he really look to be 6-5? What would you perceive to be his growth potential?

He look 6’5" for sure. He isn’t really skinny either. He can add to his frame and muscle up. I would imagine he should grow another 6 to 7 inches. He has a motor and is in good shape for his age. There a man down the road that coaches an AAU grills basketball team from Mayflower! I will ask about the young man! I do know this the kid is well mannered and respectable.

It would be highly unusual for a 9th grader to grow another 6-7 inches. I think 2-3 would be more realistic. I stopped growing vertically at that age. Were his points coming from the paint or do is he have an outside game too?

Trust me, it can happen! At the end of my 9th grade year, I was 4’ 11"; When I started the 11th grade, I was 6’ 1." Grew 14 inches in 15 months but it took about 2 more years for decent coordination to catch up.

My 26 year old son was about 5’9" in the 10th grade and when he graduated he was 6’4". He is 6’6" now. It can happen. It may not too!
I’m not that tall but my father was!

Scottie Pippen

Yeah but cases like that are rare.