Mayfield just led the drive of the year

Baker Mayfield had been with the Rams less than 48 hours and completed two touchdown drives in the final four minutes to beat the Raiders 17-16. The game-winning drive was capped by a 23-yard touchdown pass with 10 seconds left. It covered 98 yards in 1:35 with no timeouts. Incredible.

Before the drive, Al Michaels said something to the extent of, “It is Hollywood. Let’s see how this script reads.” Perfect line for a great ending.

Wow most all of those throws were made with someone hanging out over the receiver they were absolutely perfectly thrown. He’s always had the ability just got hurt that last year in Cleveland and played when he probably shouldn’t have.

That’s some incredible passes and catches, beautiful to watch, if you aren’t pulling for the opponent.

I remember when Baker ran from the police in Fayetteville and was tackled during the Morris years. It was the only sack credited to Arkansas that year.


Good one, LD.

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All credit to Baker and the Rams, but the Raiders made some stupid penalties on that last drive. Really stupid…

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