Mayfield - Again Inquiring Minds Want to Know

What was he doing in Fayetteville?

Surely he was not still drunk and disorderly at 0821? Surely that is when he was booked and was arrested much earlier?

But I assume from 0230-0821…6 hours…he was in the drunk tank? … 18548.html

Apparently OU quarterbacks love Fayetteville. Sam Bradford used to come over here all the time and eventually he married a girl who was on the Razorbacks’ golf team.

According to the police report he was arrested at 2:30 a.m. It’s not uncommon to see the booking time several hours after the actual arrest in Washington County.

Oklahoma has whimpy beer. They come to Arkansas for the good stuff, then can’t handle it.

I think we’ve firmly established that FPD has no objections whatsoever to arresting athletes, whether ours or Paperclip U’s. So I think I would be very cautious about coming over to get plastered on Dickson Street.

I did not realize Bradford married Emma Lavy.

What I want to know is if the policeman that tackled him has any college eligibility left. He did something our defense hasn’t done in years - tackle a scrambling QB.


Well, Fayetteville compared to Norman is a big step up in natural beauty
in a lot of different ways.

I’ve heard his brother Matt is at UA. Not sure if it’s correct though.

Now that may be the post of the year. Love it

Best laugh I’ve had today.

If that police officer doesn’t have any eligbility left hire him to coach special teams. I’d say he knows something to take down Mayfield.

Wiz, I don’t post often, but you made my day with that one. Thanks, and keep 'um coming…

How many QB’s were drunk when we played them? Outside of Hill or Kelly, I can’t think of any others…

I feel a little bit guilty. Most here know I don’t mind giving an opinion - but I really do try to steer clear of singling out players for direct criticism. And that was kind of a cheap shot at our Defensive team.

That said, everybody knows we’ve had a weakness when it comes to defending running QB’s in recent years; that’s no secret. And it was such low-hanging fruit I just couldn’t help myself.

My apologies to the parents of any of our defensive players who may have been offended. I just hope they took it with a sense of humor.

Mayfield did not have option to pass. He knew he was not going to pass. Just run.

Also, no eligibility left for officer. But he was invited to NFL combine today.


Oh Clay. You so silly.