Chris Russell maybe gets an Greyshirt offer. (Enroll Jan 2020)

I know it has been reported Russell has an offer, but is it a commitable offer?

I would doubt he would give up a full ride at Memphis to greyshirt. He might, but I would be surprised.

I have been surprised before.

I’m not sure you understand just what a Greyshrit is?

see link … iting.html

Dude. Richard covers recruiting for a living. He understands greyshirting very well. What he is saying, and I agree, is kid isn’t likely to turn down a full scholarship now in order to pay for this fall and wait until January to get one.

Grayshirting is a delay enrollment of a semester. Nobody is asking Russell to pay for a semester at all.

Now do you understand what grayshirting is?

Without getting into the tit for tat of this thread, it does bring up a question. I hear about kids enrolling in the Fall with the plan be on scholarship starting in the spring. (Gray shirt, blue shirt?? Heck I don’t know). WHY would they do that? Wouldn’t it be better to sit out and just start school in January? One, the cost. Two, once you step foot on campus, the 5 year clock starts. So, you are in effect “red shirting” that Fall even if you are paying your own way. Once you go on scholarship, you have only 4 years to play 4. If you wait until January, you still have 5 years to play 4.

It seems especially for a lineman, that would be a really good deal.

I think many are confusing Blueshirting (a word coin by Tn several years ago ) with Grayshirting.
What TN did was use NCAA rule bring several nonrecruited student-athletes and supposing discover them in Fall camp and place them on scholarship immediately (If room in 85) If they had already reach the limit on Initial Counters (25) they could be counted on the following year as Initial Counters. (25)


Sign a student-athlete to a NLI with the understanding they delay their enrollment to the following semester where they would go on full scholarship and count as an Initial Counter for the following year.

This about as clear as I can explain difference between Blueshirting and Grayshirting.

Understand what it is. It’s happened at Arkansas several times.

I’m just not sure he would agree to that. Like I said I could be wrong.

Chavis is expected to visit Chris Thursday.

If KB goes to either Missouri or Auburn, does Chris Russell become one of the 29? I don’t believe there is room for Russell if Arkansas signs two Juco OL, KB, with 24 commits and two silent commits.

There’s just no easy way to tell for sure right now who No. 29 is going to be if it is in fact not KB.

At this point I wouldn’t rule anything out.

Is there still two silent commits? When the question was brought up before both you and Richard kind of hinted “who’s next” but since then it seems both may have backed off.

The two silent commits is from Director of Recruiting Taylor Edwards.


Wonder if it’s the same two RD and Dudley originally suggested

I believe Arkansas is planning and trying very hard to fulfill their plan to sign a LB this recruiting class.

So my question is, which recruit will decommit or be drop from the 29, Arkansas is planning to sign this year?