Maybe winning isn't everything

I kinda had to vomit when I wrote that


Arkansas is being Arkansas

Actually, my view is winning is not everything…as long as we’re moving in the right direction. After two straight losses its hard to argue that everything’s peachy, but I did see progress on the field against the Aggies. The Hogs don’t have a Kirk; we’ve got find that kind of weapon, we just don’t seem to have a way to score easy TDs…but we did score plenty.

You say it makes you sick to post “Maybe winning isn’t everything” … and yet, your avatar is of someone I believe would have been the first to tell you that “Yes, winning is NOT everything.” Obviously I can’t speak for BB, but I suspect he’d have given you at least a few random things that ARE more important than winning, like: doing the right things, doing things right, holding yourself accountable, setting good examples, etc. etc.

I DO think winning college football games is more “fun”, and I understand your frustration that we aren’t having more “fun” in CBB’s 5th year. Guess I’m just not ready to give up my view that if things are done the right way, eventually good things will come to pass. And if CBB and his staff can’t lead his players to more “fun”, I have no doubt at some point they’ll be removed.

Don’t sell yourself out to win, especially at all costs … or maybe change your password! :wink:

Winning isn’t everything.

But it is what sells tickets, and gets fans to tune in on gameday.

Otherwise you’d have a football program that looks like Missouri at the moment. Stadium less than half filled every game, no fan enthusiasm.

So while it’s not everything, you do play the game to win. So winning is the main part of the game, obviously.