Maybe we should start keeping track

Of the girls Courtney Deifel signs for the softball team (they’re pretty good).

I agree. Bogle Park looked good with a bunch of Razorback fans packing the house.

BTW, does anybody know what kind of incentives–if there are incentives–in Coach Diefel’s contract for making the Super Regionals?

As of 2016 her pay was $206,850, according to minutes from a BOT meeting that year. No idea what incentives she might have, but I bet there are some.

If she doesn’t, then she should. But I would bet she does. She deserves a raise, too. The most important recruit we have is Coach Diefel.

According to the ADG database of state employee salaries, Deifel’s pay was $163,807 as of fall 2017, so evidently there were some bonuses earned even in her first year when the team frankly sucked. I agree she needs a raise, before somebody comes along and takes her away.

You know after this jump in the program that she’s a hot commodity and somebody will come after her during the off-season. It’s the way of the world of athletics. She needs a raise. If Arkansas is going to play and contend for an SEC title, then the A.D. better be prepared to pay the going rate.

What is the going rate for softball coaches? Can’t reporters foi her contract to see if there are incentives. Recruiting news would be nice for any Razorback program.

D1 softball actually has all the P5 salaries for softball, but to see them you have to be a member. I found Bama’s HC got a “big raise” to $140,000. And I found OU’s HC was around $280,000 after a pay raise after she won a NC, her incentives raised it quite a bit. Unfortunately, those are the only two I can see, AR doesn’t have to divulge the info unless the reporter has a physical address in AR-Per D1 softball

Honestly, don’t know. I’d probably think the OU coach, who has won the last two championships, might be the best place to start. Not saying Coach Deifel should be paid the same amount of the two-time defending national title coach, but Patty Gasso was making something like $350,000, per the Daily Oklahoman in 2013. I did see where Mike Candrea, the Arizona coach who has been ultra successful, is paid $230,000. In 2011, Alabama gave Patrick Murphy an $85,000 raise when LSU offered him $225,000 and Alabama matched it to keep him. That was 7 years ago.

I don’t know what they pay her or how it works for softball, but she has to one of our best overall coaches. The job she has done these past 3 yrs. is amazing. Surely she has earned some incentives this year. I guess it is a longshot at OK, but perhaps she could get more.

As to the OP, would enjoy hearing about their recruitment and how it is done. What sort of scholarships do they get? Seeing what seems to be classey young ladies (I don’t know them at all - just seems so) represent our University is a very good thing.

And then I found where Carol Hutchins at the University of Michigan makes $450,000. Of course, she’s been there 33 years and has more than 1,500 wins (the most in Michigan history, male or female, in any sport) and an NCAA title by her name.

Softball is an equivalency sport as far as scholarships, meaning Deifel divides up her 12 scholies across her roster. I don’t know if softball has a minimum grant like DVH has in baseball, where each kid has to get at least 1/3 of a scholue.

ADG already did FOI the info; that’s how they know her base salary. They weren’t looking for incentives though.

She has certainly earned her pay plus any incentives. :slight_smile: