Maybe there's hope for the younger generation

Just saw a Facebook video of kids at Bonneville Elementary in Fort Smith out on the playground doing the One Hog Call, led by some teachers. That was encouraging enough, but then I listened closely. No signs of a wolf anywhere!

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That is great news…no wolf howl…

I wonder who started and perpetuated that howl? I’m guessing it was a disgruntled ASU fan.

This should be discussed in freshman orientation. A howl during the hog call should be justification for expulsion from school.

Maybe that is freshperson orientation.

Red Wolves don’t howl. They whimper.

Mostly, they whine.

The ah-ooo predates the name change at Jonesboro. I first noticed it about 15-20 years ago. The yelp is a bit more recent. Regardless, I was appalled a few years back when we had cheerleaders on TV who were asked to teach the audince how to do a hog call. The frickin’ cheerleaders started with an ah-ooo or ooo. No Wooo to be heard. I’m happy to say Ive heard less of either abomination lately.

i agree it needs to be taught correctly at orientation. Any cheerleader who does it wrong needs to be kicked off the squad.


Hogs don’t howl or whine.
Grunt, squeal and snort.

This is all true. However, ASU has the Arkansas media on its side. There is no question that they are trying to help set the narrative that this week’s announcement of baseball games vs UALR and UAPB are the prelude to Arkansas vs all in state schools, especially football.

The ADG certainly would favor this. In their mind it would help their circulation, even though they have quit delivering to the many areas. We all know the “controversy” started by the ADG editorial board by referring to UA at Fayetteville in nearly every breath.

There is no question in my mind that the Arkansas media would rather see Arkansas play ASU, UCA, and UAPB in its non conference schedule than say Oregon, Notre Dame, or say Oklahoma. I have heard it mentioned that Arkansas indeed may have a schedule like this in the future.

It will be interesting to see how much a schedule such as this will help Arkansas’s efforts to be more competitive in the SEC. It’s doubtful that the National Networks will be that excited about Arkansas having such a non-conference schedule but that would be irrelevant. We shall see.