Maybe the new AD

can recruit Texas kids :slight_smile:

BTW every minute that goes by doesn’t make us look good and NOBODY is recruiting We’re being recruited as we speak.

We’ll be fine 339, just hired AD a few hours ago, wouldn’t surprise me to have a coach in place next 24 to 36 hrs

Well I know that.

The way I understand it, coaches wanted to know who the AD was going to be.

We have a very good pick in Little Rock today.

MMmmm 24-26 hours. Whatever that time lands at I’m told by Wednesday…

And Hunter did try to hire Lane Kiffin, before the regents said no.

Remember Monte, Lane’s dad coached here.

Tried to hire Lane where? Today or at Houston last year?

Houston last year. sachaek.

Surely you knew, I knew we hired an AD today.

AND the hiring of Lane HAD to be last year!!! :slight_smile:

Got ya 339, I knew he interviewed LK at Houston last year. I thought you meant he already tried today haha my bad…keep it coming 339

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors…I hear that there’s a good coach at Wisconsin that’s interested. :smiley: :smiley: