Maybe the Gus stuff is for show

He makes a really nice stalking horse, a lightning rod for all the chaos and unhappiness associated with firing the AD and then probably the HC. A few hints in the right ear that Gus will be offered the job and the strong passions the man churns up in significant sections of the fan base are put to use. Which makes him useful even if he’s not under any serious consideration.

So while the internal fighting and bickering go on over a guy who is not going to be the coach, the real work goes on to bring the new guy in. Then Norvell(or some one else) gets to come in as a healer and a unifier, and 95% of the fan base is relieved that a promising new coach is in place and that we don’t have to keep arguing about Gus.

And maybe Gus extorts some more money out of an Auburn administration that really can’t take a chance on letting him go this year, in the midst of a good year and with a lame duck AD in place.

Man I sure hope you are right

Not a Gus guy (unless he somehow did become Head Hog - then I am all in), but I hope this yields him another boatload of $ from them.

I like your thinking Jim. Surely there is a solid plan here. Surely!

I like your thinking Jim. Surely there is a solid plan here. Surely!

There have been very few coaches that I would not (or could not) support. The two that were mentioned in years past were both basketball coaches. There would have been no way that I could have supported Calamari [sic] or I’m-in-it-for-mySelf.

If Gus were hired, I would still support the program, but I would stop going to the radio shows. I do have a friend who would stop all support of Razorback athletics if he were hired.

Interesting to read people’s reactions.

Some fans hope the hogs lose so the current coach is more likely to get fired. They get called every name in the book and are not true supporters of the program.

Now we have fans that won’t support the program if they hire a coach they don’t like.

Quite the conundrum people have put themselves in.

I think the article of Long’s firing makes it abundantly clear that Bielema is not long for the UofA. At most, it seems, he has two games left. Even if he wins both, it appears a change with them. As one trustee said, “They (Long and Bielema) are intertwined.” No sense to root against the team IMO.

Interesting observation right there! My guess is most who say they are done if Gus is hired will get back on board.

The correct response to these folks is “See ya”!! Most are just blowing hot air. A child’s response if I can’t get what I want.
Good Riddance.

I’m not done if Gus is the new coach, but I’m not hoping he gets the job. Apart from all the past drama, I think Gus has a little bit of what I call “Tommy Tubberville Syndrome”- he feels compelled to run his offense to prove to every one he’s the smartest guy on the field, even if that is counter-productive in some game situations. I’ve also talked with friends who are Auburn fans who can’t quite decide if they like the way he coaches.

I can’t imagine not giving a new HC a chance, unless he came in dragging an NCAA show cause order or similar trouble, or somebody had him on camera molesting a collie.

But I would not be that optimistic about Gus bringing either sudden or long-term success. He will have to win just as many games as he’s won at Auburn with less, at least for the foreseeable future, and doing more with less has not been his strength in the SEC. And if the Foundation reaches out and tries to get me to increase my donation next year, I would have to politely decline and await further developments.

I tend to agree, but I try not to tell people how the be a fan. I don’t root against the Hogs, but certainly get exasperated with coaches.

I don’t understand the whole “I’m done” if so and so gets hired.

Who do your donations support, the coach, or the most important part the kids?

The coach doesn’t get hurt from you pulling, the kids do.

Whether I like the coach or not, I won’t be done, because there is 100+ 18-23 year olds who I do support.

(I support whoever is hired until given a reason not to)