Maybe Kiffin rumor true, never seen Jackson

So quite throughout the day. Just kidding Jackson love reading your posts and your Hog passion

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There is so much Kiffin smoke I wonder if it’s drawing our attention from other action taking place elsewhere ?!?

Only HY knows for sure, I’m assuming.

Maybe the plane flew from Boca to Blacksburg to Cincinnati to Ames to Boise to Pullman and back to Springdale. Forgot Winston-Salem.


Lane Kiffin checks a lot of blocks. Coached in the NFL and SEC. Father coached at UA. Outstanding recruiting coordinator. Relatively young. Not scared of coaching anywhere. I would like to think he has learned a lot and is anxious to return to the big leagues and redeem his reputation. Big name. Nationally known. Like all of us he has made mistakes. Hopefully he has profited from them and has become wiser in his conduct and actions.


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Jackson, did you post that Norvell was a definite no and not interested? He was my choice…he and Kiffin. If it is not Kiffin, then we are in trouble.

HY definitely met with Kiffin in the last couple of days, it’s all over the South Florida media… obviously that doesn’t mean it will end up being Kiffin but it would appear he is near the top of the list. When Kiffin was asked about the possibility of coaching at Arkansas, he said “that has nothing to do with FAU or the team I’m coaching in the championship game”. If we get him, there will not be anymore boring interviews or game recaps.

I did and still my understanding