Maybe just a foolish idea

I believe there is a locker room problem. Could the players resent AA at QB?
The players seem to perform better with Cole Kelly at QB.

Not sure, but Kelley sure brings more enthusiasm, and that’s contagious. AA looks upset and mad all of the time.

Yes it’s foolish

I take it you’re a player and know for a fact?

Or are you assuming it’s foolish? That would be foolish, unless you’re in that locker room no one can really say either way.

Looks like you are onto something.

it may or may not be correct.
it is certainly a question that warrants discussion rather than ridicule
and is not a “foolish” idea.

kelley was playing against no rush etc yesterday but he did look good.
AA has had team on his shoulders and has been getting pummeled mercilessly again this season
things not going his way and his body language really has shown that this year

Thank you!

Wasn’t just last year, apparently.

Who votes on the team captains? Players? If so why was Austin voted a captain if he’s so disliked, divisive, etc?

If Kelley starts in a game or relieves early in a game an the offense plays better for him would say there was a locker room problem but if they do not would thank the problem is some where else

I like Cole Kelley, but He is a RS Freshman. Don’t go overboard on his play. He did throw a pick 6.

If a fifth year QB is NOT voted to be a captain, that would seem to indicate a problem.

Nope not in the locker room but those players voted him the cap.

I would not vote for someone if I didn’t think they were good enough or a bad attitude

My problem with AA is the way he looks when a bad play is made.

QB must not act like that no matter what

I can agree with that, he acts like a kid not getting his way. Drives me nuts, his body language is often criticized and rightfully so. He’s a good qb but doesn’t have good leadership, from a fans point of view.

By the time Cole Kelly entered the game, the game was over. He did not face the same onslaught that Allen did. I would definitely be in favor of starting Cole Kelly against Alabama, however. The offensive line is going to get Allen killed. Hey, I said that before on some post a couple of weeks ago. Kelly has the body to stand up under constant sacks and hits. Allen is the better QB but we are in a dire situation and what you see in Allen’s face is frustration (and yes anger). I don’t blame him. However, if he unloads on the offensive line, everyone will say he isn’t a team player and he lacks maturity. Heck, I’m mad on his behalf.

I realize it was the end of the game.

But I’m not necessarily referencing just that game. I’m specifically talking about anytime he comes in, he looks energetic and like he wants to be there. I however do not want him to start against Bama, that’s a terrible first start. This is Allens team, he needs to be ready to go against Bama, if he wants to be mad about being hit, he needs to get after Bret and Anderson for the pathetic OL in front of him.

I would say the team as a whole seems to have lost faith in Bielema and most of the staff, don’t think its the resentment of any one player.

AA is good and my hero–been through very tough times. But he is not a winner, nor can he lead his team effectively.

Play Kelly against Bama and Auburn, and by the time Ole Miss and the rest of the schedule comes around, CK will think he’s on easy street. Let him take his lumps against the Tide and Tiggers losses, and then shine for the remaining schedule. That will ensure 2018 will start with HOPE.

Hate to enter 2018 with an inexperienced, but pretty good, QB–no HOPE in that case for a decent year.

It’s easy to look energetic next to the guy getting walloped every other play.

I would still be chipper and give off better language but I haven’t been hit the most of any quarterback in the country the last two seasons.

I mean I get irritated when there is not enough ice in the house for my water - much less not enough to cover all the injuries that Allen has endured over these two years and still kept playing for the most part.