Maybe its just me, but

one thing I dislike about this site is the number of different forums: one for each sport. I thought I’d get used to the idea of having one for basketball, football, baseball & recruiting, but I haven’t. If others like this, I’ll just do my best to deal with it, but couldn’t we have just one or maybe two “insider” boards. I see no reason we can’t merge all 3 major sports into one board or maybe have a football/football recruiting board and a basketball/bb recruiting board. Or have a recruiting board but separate football & basketball.

The football board seems to be the place where general UA topics get posted. That makes sense to me. It’s the most popular sport. It’s the board I chose to post this “off-topic” discussion. I don’t believe baseball generates enough posts to justify a separate board. I love baseball, but except for spring football, it doesn’t overlap with fb at all. Personally, I’d prefer the two sports be discussed on the one board.

As irritants go, this is way down my list, but since it’s a slow time for posting, I figured now is as good a time as any to make the suggestion. I’m curious how others feel.

Suppose they are planning for future growth. I agree that at this point, the board structure is inconvenient. It’s also very quirky. When I click on links within the message board index or on a particular board, I never know what it’s going to do. Made a post this morning that disappeared when I clicked the “Submit” button, because the board returned me to the main board index instead of posting.

We added one board with the change, a baseball board. I prefer to have football and baseball together. But we’ve always kept the basketball on a separate board, as well as recruiting. So it really only was adding one board. I have always thought the way football and baseball were segmented by the calendar made it easy to have them together on one board. But, there were always many who disagreed with me.

The Active Topics section is the way to go. Great addition.

A merger of those two sports would suit me just fine. I don’t mind a separate football & basketball boards much–although I do wish we’d have recruiting of each sport incorporated within the separate boards rather than have a separate recruiting board. But since you prefer to have football & baseball together, can we merge those two?

I go to “New Posts” and like that all of the boards including the Hawg Lounge free board have their new posts show up there. Many times, I reply to a post and never look to see which board it is in. I like the new format.

When HI was part of the Scout network, we had several clamor for years for a separate baseball board. When we merged the sites last summer, I decided it would be best to have a baseball board for that reason.

I like the separate boards–Matt, clay, and BH are great on baseball board.

As Marty advised long ago, click on Unread Posts. New posts from each board, including Hawg Lounge, are displayed and you can choose which you want to read–and you can still ignore the Hawg Lounge posts.

It’s not as fun as the old board, but it will do.

I agree with Clay, but there were always a few people who asked if we couldn’t separate baseball from the general Insider board. I always thought that with the way the seasons happen, it was unnecessary to split up the boards.

But it is what it is and I just use the Unread Posts and check the forum listing there to determine which posts are my priority.

As someone that doesn’t have the time or desire to follow the college baseball season, I am fond of now having separate football/baseball boards. There may not be much football talk during the offseason, but sifting thru mundane baseball talk to keep up with football &/or AD news & gossip during the offseason isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But it’s really no big deal either way, & certainly not worth my energy to complain.

Thanks for the continued great service y’all…and WPS!!

That’s a good suggestion. I’d never really noticed that feature. I’ve used it now for a couple of days & like it a lot. Thanks.

Please keep baseball and football separate! I happen to love to follow every detail of football. On the old board it often was not possible to determine which posts were about baseball until I got halfway through reading the post = annoying. Seems more logical to keep them separate. Thank you!!

I like the separate boards. Please don’t change.