Maybe it’s because I live east of the Mississippi River

But I’m pulling fir paper clip tonight (caugh - choke - spit)

I’m so tired of Bama

I’m thinking they are bad for college football

They need to lose

Sadly Paper Clip is too much a big xii team

They just don’t have the horses

I’m with you, completely sick and tired of Bama.
They won’t be playing a horrible Oklahoma defense in the Championship game.
We’ll see if Clemson can take advantage of an Alabama defense, especially the young defensive backs from the start of the game and not fall behind as big as Oklahoma did tonight. I hope they put on a show against the Tide and send them and Paul Finebaum home licking their wounds with a runner up trophy.

Go Hogs!

About a month ago, I said I think Clemson beats Bama. Their offense is similar to ours, but they have the thoroughbreds to run it. Until tonight, AR scored more against them than anyone. You have to expect Clemson to score at least that much (31). However, where both AR and OU failed was with defense. Clemson has the thoroughbreds to get some stops. After watching Surtain being picked on tonight, I really believe Clemson has the best shot. I guess we will see.

I am jealous of their success for sure but you got to give them all their dues,they are the best and will win it all again…
They will beat Clemson b/c the FR is not ready for this big of stage like Kelly Bryant wasn’t,Bama will rattle him and he won’t have the speed to evade the rush and Bama will take advantage of a Clemson secondary that is very average…Bama 33-23

Bama has won time and again with the best horses everywhere but QB… now they have Tua another year and his little brother just picked Bama for his school. There is no end in sight but I do believe Clemson can beat them with that defense this year. No one will touch Bama next year, virtually that entire team is coming back…

I don’t hate Bama . They are what all football teams strive to be. It was announced last night that Bama has one 3 star who plays and he was fabulous last night. People are jealous of Bama and i’m sure people in ACC feel the same about Clemson. I root for Bama cause they make SEC look unbeatable. If Arkansas had success that Bama is having people would be jealous of us and would say we are bad for college football. HATE is a very strong word!

I love how Bama keeps showing the whole world STARS DON’T MATTER!

Yep and a complete top 10 team could be formed just from Bama’s 2nd & 3rd string 3, 4, & 5 star players.

The best recruits matter. Stars don’t necessarily mean the best recruits. They’re not meaningless, but too many believe they’re the be-all & end-all of recruting. However, if Saban recruits them, there’s a good chance the services will decide the player deserves one extra star. I don’t blame the services for this, but I bet it’s quite common.

Alabama is the complete package with talent and depth at every position which makes it hard to find a weak spot to try and take advantage. Alabama is the Sec and continues to bring noteriety to our conference, you can’t talk football and not have Bama in the conversation. We have a top twenty recruiting class and we are ranked 5th in our division in recruiting which is almost unbelievable, kids want to play in the Sec. It would not surprise me that Alabama gets upset and my gut tells me they could lose by double didgets, I didn’t like the way they played the last half against OU. Clemson is also the complete package like Bama should be a great game. WPS

I like the match-up. I would not be surprised to see Clemson
win. Both have great coaching staffs.