Maybe Four is too many

I hope this quiets the talk about expanding the playoffs. There are 3 great teams this year. One of them will win the National Championship on the field. What more could we ask for?

There are some years were 4 might be too many, but way to many times there are at least 3. If it was 2, who gets left out this year?

There would be few years where you would need more than 4 spots, that much is true. There are other reasons to expand, IMO, but there will be very few years that more than 4 teams could make a claim to being the best.

I heard talking heads today saying that this was the best four-team field of the CFP. If that’s true it doesn’t say much about the other years (and tOSU won the NC the first year as the 4 seed).

Georgia was the 5 seed this year. Certainly the Dawgs would (and did) put up a better fight than the Paperclips did.

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Four enough. I think the committee has to look at past performances in the playoffs and quit putting OU in as often as they do.

The Big 12 is probably the fifth best Power 5 conference.

Who should’ve gotten in over them this year?

I completely disagree. The playoff should be based on this year and this year only.

OU was arguably the worst playoff team of all time, but who deserved it more?

Told one of my OU friends that there was only 3 Elite teams this particular year but someone had to be the sacrificial lamb. He said they would shock the world. They did but not the way he wanted.:laughing:

I would’ve taken Ga or Oregon over them.

You can’t tell me the NCAA basketball committee doesn’t look at past performances by schools and conferences.

I’m sure they do, but doesn’t make it right.

Uga and Oregon were likely better, but UGA had a home loss to SC and a blowout to LSU in Atlanta. Oregon had losses to Arizona State and Auburn. Not sure how you justify them getting in over a one loss conference champion.

Really I think your original point is correct. 4 is enough. More teams getting in is pointless and not needed

Until the Big 12 gets better defensively from top to bottom, they will continue to struggle in bowl games!

LSU offensively did what they have been doing all season. The only surprise to me was their defense against OU. I think they are ranked in the 50’s or 60’s.

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The LSU defense got healthy and MUCH better as the season went on. They have peaked now.

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Correct Marty
It should be a great N.C. game.

Any number of six or seven teams.

There are some years in which four is plenty and there are some when four probably isn’t enough. I don’t think you can use the result of one game to say the playoff is bloated.

We have six years of results now. The 4 seed is 1-5 and most of them haven’t been close. In fact, a good semifinal in the 2-3 game has also been rare.

You assume the committee gets it right every year in selecting the No. 4 seed. Based on the record, Oklahoma was deserving of the No. 4 seed this year, but I think anyone who has watched much college football this year could tell you there were probably more than three teams better than OU. The committee’s job is to look beyond the record and pick the four best teams based on how they have played. There is a tendency to placate the power conferences and pick as many of their champions as possible. The only exception has been the year Alabama made it as a non-conference champion and proceeded to win the national championship.

My point is even when they get it right it’s often not competitive. Georgia or probably even Oregon would have put up a better fight than Mobilehoma did, you’re right.

The problem the committee faces is to get the 4 best teams while appearing to be fair. UGA was probably better than OU this year, but there was no way to put them in over OU. However, there is merit to taking performance from past years into deciding how good a team is this year. I agree the playoff should be based on this year but when the BIg 8 (12) regularly underperforms, one must wonder if their record is misleading.

Everyone correctly considered OU the distant 4th team in this playoff. I’m not convinced they’re the 4th best team in the country.

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Ou is not even the 4th best team in the SEC.

True, but the committee is supposed to weight conference champions more. I think the merits of that should be debated

It’s why I’m against the idea of an expanded playoff with automatic bids to conference champions. I couldn’t be anymore against automatic bids in college football.