Maybe Bama should have kept Kiffin around

another week. They only averaged 39.7 points a game this year, 2nd highest point total in Bama history

Yea but it was the Alabama defense that played like the Hogs. Well, not quite that bad but bad enough to get them beat.

My thoughts are that the Tide defense got wore out and their OTB does not deserve all the Ink that he has been getting.???


According to ESPN radio yesterday (Monday), the offensive players went to Coach Saban and asked for the change. Kiffin was accused of making up plays, being incoherent at times and with a MASSIVE ego. Kiffin’s firing was a typical addition by subtraction.


Bama only had 16 first downs. They might have scored enough points but the offense didn’t give the D enough time to rest up between series. Hurt was a liability in the passing game. You have two of the best playmakers in the nation at receiver and couldn’t get them the ball.

But let’s give some credit to the Clemson “D”.

Clemson had over 500 yards on offense and ran 99 plays, but two giveaways to the Tide’s none. Great game, pads were popping! You can’t win 'em all, not even Nick Saban. :sunglasses: