Maybe a Helicopter Banner for Auburn?

Just when you thought our fan base couldn’t get any stupider . . .

Didn’t we learn anything from the last time? We became a national laughing stock for doing this 10 years ago.

Let’s NOT get confused about this - my comments are NOT about whether we should or should not replace CBB . . . I respect a true fan’s right to have an opinion on either side of that issue. What I AM saying is that flying banners from planes makes us look like the clueless hillbillies the rest of the nation often thinks we are . . . an image that most of us desperately want to move AWAY from.

This would only prove this not the place any quality coach or any coach for that matter would want to be. This would make a bad situation impossible.

Just stop. It has a whopping 734 members and does nothing but reinforce stereotypes about us as a fan base.

What about some of your past posts in this very forum? :smiley:

Lets wear black and have protest rallies too.

That did us a lot of good, didn’t it? :roll: