May want to stick

Around your phone or puter.

Have something to do with this?

Yeah a commit is coming any minute now.

Carl Williams?

You meant any hour now…

Are we being punk’d? Real funny Ashton, come out now

It was just announced AR vs Indiana Home and Home series in basketball. Not sure if that’s what RD was referring to or not

I’m about to hit the road for home so I may miss it, but Scottie will look out for the tweet. I have a story ready to go.

insert GIF from Caddy Shack where Ted Knight says “well, we’re waiting”


Patience Grasshopper!

This is a message board! Patience is not allowed!

Is it about the baseball commitment? Peyton Pallette

Carl Williams just committed!

RD, I just heard from a very good source that this is a good thread to bump…good news coming soon!

I hope you’re talking about donte starks…just saw where he’s announcing at 9 between Ark, Auburn, LSU, and Georgia

Not talking about him. But I think we would all be wise to listen to RD’s show tonight!

After see a couple of post on Twitter I would agree something is going down.

Mike Woods (so far one of the best Twitter follows in the team) said to pay attention at 7 tonight