May not be the first one out...

But I saw the Street and Smith college football preview on the rack at my neighborhood Walgreens this morning. In May? I didn’t look up close but it appeared to be RW3 on the cover (oops).

Back in August 2011, I was about to enter my senior year at the UA and was heading into my second year as sports editor of the student newspaper, The Traveler. They wanted me to be the overall editor-in-chief, but it didn’t really appeal to me. I knew sports was what I wanted to do. The football team was coming off the Sugar Bowl, so it was a fun time to cover them.

I’d had a story idea in mind about Knile Davis for months and media day the only time you were guaranteed a decent one-on-one, sitdown interview, so we talked about his All-American/Heisman chances but mostly his tough personal upbringing, earlier injuries and his father, who passed away. Our photographer got some feature shots of him and that was that. Five days later, he broke his ankle, again.

The preview section went to print in like 2 days, so we had to scramble for a replacement story and wound up doing something on Jake Bequette and Tank Wright. It wasn’t nearly as provoking. But Knile was cool enough to meet with me again after the injury to re-visit some of what we talked about. Wound up running a revised version of the story in October.

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Still one of my favorite stories I’ve worked on. Knile is a great guy and it was fun getting to know him.

Thanks for posting that link, Jimmy. I really enjoyed your article.

That’s one of the perks of those jobs. You sometimes get a feel for who the good guys are and it’s fun to see them prosper. Mine was Kenoy Kennedy. The story was interesting (IMO) bc he and Painter had some really good anecdotes about Kenoy’s hard hitting. He talked about breaking a guy’s helmet in HS.

And, Painter gave some good quotes about the time Kenoy hit the UK WR/TE so hard he tried to go to the Hogs’s sideline. Painter said they had fun on that one.

Ironically, before the Nutts became so hated I did a story on Danny’s hearing problems and his triplets (and how much his wife did as a football coaches wife with triplets).

I thought it was just decent but Danny came and found me months later and thanked me and said it meant a lot to the family.

I later grew to not like a lot of what they did during the S5 fiasco and firing fallout but that was a nice touch.

The annual football mags are mostly fluff. It is sad that one is a reminder RW had to hang it up. Like Kenoy and Knile, he was one of the good ones.

That’s awesome. Both of those sound like fun stories to write.