Max Brantley said today

He’s heard the BOT meeting Thursday could include issues not only of CBB, but Jeff Long. No way to know how accurate that is, but I’ll be very disappointed in the Board if they’re going after Jeff Long. If they are, I hope they’ve got some real reason to do so, not that they’re unhappy with football. Overall, the athletic dept is doing well. We’re still making money–something very few schools do. The BOT itself signed off on the money for RRS changes. I’d prefer to leave hiring & firing of coaches to the AD. We didn’t fare too well when John White got overly involved in athletics. The BOT is further removed than he was from AD operations.

Knowing Max’s dislike of everything related to UA Athletics, I’m not sure how reliable his info his. The only thing we can do is wait until Thursday to see what the “Official” statement is and what leaks out, then wait to see the outcome on the field Saturday. The LSU I watched last weekend should make mincemeat of us.

No problem with your info, but I hope if JL stays, he is instructed to get input from others on his football hire. The last three haven’t worked out…Petrino, Smith and Bielema.

Smith is a bad example. He wasn’t so much a hire as he was an available band-aid when there were almost no other options. I suppose one could say he should’ve known Petrino was risky, but most fans were thrilled at the time. I know I was. CBB was completely off the radar when he got hired. I still don’t criticize that hire even though it hasn’t worked out. He was a proven coach from a P5 program. We might find flaws in his resume, but no way that was a bad hire.

Regardless, I am sure JL will get input from others if he replaces CBB. I doubt any AD does it completely alone & without input. JFB also sought out info from others & he was about as good as it gets in evaluating coaching talent.

I didn’t say they were bad hires. Yes, I agree that Petrino was a risk and our program continues to pay for it. JL could have appointed one of the coordinators has interim head coach, it happens all the time…Ole Miss. If I remember right, Smith inherited a team that was ranked and failed miserably. Yes, Bielema had the resume, but apparently his brand of football hasn’t worked. Further he appears to not be receptive to change. His evaluation of talent hasn’t been very good. Other posters have indicated that the Wisconsin AD actually runs the Wisconsin football program. Another highly successful Wisconsin coach has already failed in the PAC 12. So yes, let’s hope that JL gets has much input as he can if a change is made.

The BOT agenda is posted. Nothing specifically related to athletics, but I suspect such issues, if there are any, would be discussed in executive session first. I’m a little surprised someone’s not on here claiming he got the whole scoop from one of the trustees

I figure Pryor is the only one who would even talk to Brantley, and he didn’t favor spending the money. There’s a 45 minute executive session on Thursday, I doubt we hear anything of consequence from it.

Certainly long had other options as the interim coach, but none were very good. There was no reason to think Smith wasn’t as good as any of the other coaches on the staff. He’d been the HC at Michigan St where he was moderately successful. I just don’t think it was a bad decision. Instead it was an impossible situation. Every coach on that staff knew they weren’t going to last past the end of the year. There was no team discipline–after having been coached by a harsh taskmaster. It was a simply a cluster***. Long was stuck with a bad decision no matter what he did.

I suppose in retrospect everyone knows Alvarez was the real head coach at Wisconsin, but even if that’s true (the theory is as good as any), it’s not something anyone knew or should have known in 2013. People could say the same thing about Frank Broyles during the Hatfield years. Ken didn’t do that well at Clemson.

Brantley said it was to arise in executive session. I have no idea how reliable the info is.

The BOT only has to report if some type of action is taken. Normally they will probably say a personnel matter was discussed but no action taken.

I can’t imagine they would take action, or that there’s really anything to discuss. Too much could happen between now and Black Friday. Which is why I think Max is either being fed a line, or is just pushing his own anti-athletics/anti-Hog agenda.

Max doesn’t look like he’s had any problems being well fed…

Will probably appoint one person to get with JL and let him know from the BOT they are not happy with the FB program and expect it to be fixed.

If that action was taken in executive session, the BOT would have to publicly report it.

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