Max Abmas

Fun Fact (or not). The guys on CBS tournament central seemed to be tying themselves in knots on the pronunciation of this guys name. It’s most likely due to a poor transliteration of the German eszett (ß), usually rendered in English as “ss”. For reasons of delicacy someone decided to use a single b. Remember the ASSMAN license plate episode on Seinfeld? The long a sound could be from an a with an umlaut (ä). Thus, the original spelling would have been “Äßmas”, from how it is pronounced. On Ellis Island, a clerk probably would have spelled it “Acemas” or “Essmas”.


I didn’t think of that (had three semesters of German at UA, remember virtually none of it) but that makes sense. The word “strasse”, meaning street, is actually spelled straße.

Yeah. Max could save himself some trouble and not have to constantly explain how to pronounce his name if he went ahead and changed the spelling to “Asemas”. That might work better phonetically in English.

The umlaut is generally transferred to English spelling as “ae” or “ue” or whatever. The German Luftwaffe commander in WWII was Göring, for instance, but we generally see it as Goering.

Anyone recall Dick Assman of David Letterman fame?

True, so “Aesmas” would retain the German roots in its spelling and most would not be confused in pronunciation. That is, assuming there are German origins. Not necessarily a given.

Spelling of his name aside…I really look forward to his battle with Devo! Should be a heavyweight title fight

I don’t know who will win that battle, but Devo is not afraid of the challenge.

On the court or off my money is on Devo, but the dude does have a hair trigger.

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