Mawein's JUCO ranking

I don’t know if I just missed this, or if it’s new, but 247 now has Akol ranked as a 4-star, number 4 overall JUCO player, and the #1 JUCO PF.

I hadn’t realized he was this highly ranked in JUCO. This potentially puts him in a similar class as Macon and Barford, who were big time contributors for the Hogs.

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I miss Barford. It was like watching a Charles Oakley with the ability to drive. That kid was fearless.

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Is he committed or just a recruit?


Reminds me of Portis,very good looking player

Yep, right after Mawein committed, 247 rated and ranked him there.

I really like him.

Suit him up!

I talked to him Sunday and will have a story leading into Wednesday.

He is planning on signing Wednesday morning.

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