Maureese Wren has decommitted

Just announced on Twitter.

Perhaps things go full circle and we end up signing Nick Fulwider instead?

Still a while before signing day - even the new Dec date.

If he is no longer sure this is where he wants to be, then he made the right decision and it’s better to find out now for everyone involved than 3 months down the road. Hopefully later he will decide this is where he wants to be,either way wish him and his family the best moving forward. WPS

The longhorns came calling!

He has not been answering texts or calls lately

Had me wondering if something was up.

Now we know

Didn’t have a good feeling when I left the school the other day.

Just saw on 247 that we were down to 11 commits and came right to you guys. I’m wondering if he it’s because he wants to be recruited as a WR. I haven’t seen where he’s played on his team’s defense this year.

I’m not a twitter stalker, but when I saw Maureese’s decomitment note on twitter, I looked down at recent tweets and saw the following, which may indicate he wants to play WR and, perhaps, that our coaches want him to stay on defense? Also, looks like this has been on his mind for a couple of weeks . . .

Maureese Wren‏ @MaureeseWren9 Sep 12

Been doing a lot of thinking lately and I think it’s about time I say what’s on my mind
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Maureese Wren‏ @MaureeseWren9 Sep 9

Man I Love playing WR :exclamation:
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