Maumelle's Amarie Rogers one to watch

RD, not to steal any thunder from Amari, but what is your feeling on Nico? Will he be a Hog? I’ve known him since he was a 5th grader. Played hoops with him many times over the years at the Maumelle community center. He’s always seemed like a great kid and I have long thought he was headed for greatness.

Not familiar with the school districts around Central Arkansas, but it seems that Maumelle is producing a decent number of athletes. In doing a little investigation, I see that Maumelle High School replaced Oak Grove High School, Darren McFadden’s High School, so guess there is history in producing athletes.

Yes. When CAC was making state title runs, lots of Maumelle kids were going there.

The closing of Oak Grove and the opening of Maumelle hasn’t helped CAC Athletics.

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I think it will come down to Arkansas and LSU. That’s if the Tigers offer.

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