4th set—sunset from our place, a beach near Wailea, then begins pix of our sixty mile trip around west Maui mtn—for the next several sets. This road was narrow and harrowing; we had to back up once on a one lane portion. The rest of our pix are random across this area.

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Aloha and mahalo Sir!
Thanks for the pixs. If it wasn’t for Hawaii’s severe drought, the mountains would be a lush green.
By the way, how did the wind and greens treat you at the Bay course?
UA…Campus of Champions

Fine at Bay. There was a surfers body found 1/2mile out from a nearby beach. Strong winds. But even stronger yesterday. Had a resting ball on the green suddenly roll about 20 feet in that wind at Royale. Brush fires are messing up traffic as you probably have read ( post by Coloradohog). But today even stronger gusts blew some silverware off tables on the back porch at Freidas Beach House; so strong that we all retreated inside so not to get hit with limbs and flying stuff.

Blowing tonight, but we are between the 2 Mtns.

Kauai did not seem dry. Except where it is supposed to be.

I really, really need an “Alohogs” shirt. Not seeing them anywhere online. Hopefully the tournament sells some on a website soon!

So envious right know! What a beautiful place! On my bucket list when I retire!

Thanks Fred. Brings back wonderful memories of our visit there. I’ve not told my wife the Hogs played there last night. She would be mad we did not join y’all.

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Beautiful, thanks for allowing us to live vicariously through your pics!

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Beautiful sights, thanks for sharing. Makes me long for warm sand on my feet, and the exquisite feel of the sun, warm wind with the sound of the waves.