Getting ready to go to HI. We leave for Kuai Wed. and then on to OGG on Sunday. Of course, we enjoy HI, but have been there, done that a few times. I am really looking forward to watching this team play up close. I expect it will be somewhat hard sledding playing teams more similar to Texass than NDSU, but I still want to see them and see how they react and what they do with all that talent. I know Muss has been coaching hard since texass (he does not know any other way?). Really looking forward to those 3 games.

Not me , Jim. This is my first trip to Maui, and I’m at Denver airport about to board for OGG. Want to see all we can plus watch these new hogs in the Classic

Enjoy. It is a special place. If you have not been to Pearl Harbor, It is worth the quick hop to Oahu for the day. Something like a 30 min hop for the day. You have plenty of time on Maui it sounds like to do a lot.

DEN concourse B where you are seems to be a second home for me. Not by choice, but the way it has been. Let me know if I can help.

Where are you staying on Kauai, Jim? We spend February there every year.

We leave for Maui from Dallas on Thursday …


We have stayed all around Kauai. I think this time we are on the coconut coast. Wife picked it out. I told her it really did not matter. Find a place you like at the best possible deal (that is a joke normally).

Weather seems fine for this time of year

If you’re north of the Wailua Bridge, give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport or anywhere south of the bridge … road construction turns Kuhio Hwy into a parking lot certain times of the day.

Two Kapa’a favorites … JO2 (especially the scallops) and Street Burger

Hope to run into you and Fred in Maui


Aloha Jim,
What I saw during the Fordham win was a tenacious defense, great effort and lousy shooting. The lack of any outside threat will most likely result in a lot of zone against the Hogs.
CEM loves to drive to the hoop, shoot free throws and get the opponent in foul trouble. The challenge he has, is that this team to date is a poor free throw shooting team.
Good news…I have the perception that CEM philosophy is to practice and peak at the NCAA tournament. So hopefully the Hogs will only continue to improve and be a monster come February and March.
UA…Campus of Champions

Am I correct in that you will not be home either this week or next? I am sure I saw that somewhere.

Being in a hurry defeats the whole purpose of going to Kauai

Indeed, well said. I mentioned to my wife their upcoming departure from the frozen, wintery confines of Fayetteville to Maui and we both smiled remembering times we escaped from ice and 20–30-degree weather to sandy, sunny beaches. What a treat for these players and all the family that are able to make the trip.

Just don’t miss your flight to OGG


Aloha Jim,
Returning to Oahu from Fayetteville on Monday of Thanksgiving week. First day of the Maui classic.
UA…Campus of Champions

You hit the nail on the head if you ask me. Poor outside and free throw shooting team.

They will have to create their offense through defense and transition.

Slow ball teams will do well against us right now.

You making it over to Maui at all? We are not planning on stopping in Oahu this trip partially because you were not around. Would enjoy seeing you for perhaps lunch or whatever. Also, need to return some of the many kind moments you have showed us.

Aloha Jim,
Staying ashore on Oahu. Appreciate the kind words and generosity. Enjoy Maui and cheer our Hogs to victory!
UA…Campus of Champions

Slow ball teams will still have to score and prevent us from turning them over.

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