Maui Tidbits

Last thoughts from Maui trip:

Phrase I wish folks would stop saying: “just wait 'til we get our best player back” … like everyone else, I can’t wait to watch NSJ play in a Razorback uniform … however, after watching Anthony Black up close and personal against tough competition in Maui, I would be ecstatic if Nick is “just as good” as his backcourt mate … AB is a true star in the making in ALL phases of the game - clutch offense, facilitating, defending, shot blocking/altering and rebounding - with a basketball IQ that is off the charts … I am comfortable with “wait 'til we get our best scorer back”, though, and predict NSJ and AB will be a long-remembered Razorback backcourt duo

Hogs had an obvious hangover from the Creighton loss at the start of the SDSU game, including us fans in attendance … like the players, we started slow and had to pull from deep to find the extra energy for Hog Calls and harassing the officials and opposing team … in the end, when the guys started their comeback, we did our part, too (especially Gas, right under the goal … I’m pretty sure he would have snagged that rebound if Kamani didn’t)

Arkansas fans continue to travel well … Hog supporters made up two-thirds plus of those in attendance for each Razorback game … Louisville and Ohio State appeared to have fewest fans on the island … Ohio State and Arkansas had the Hyatt as their team hotel, but Hog fans outnumbered all others by a bunch … several of us sang Happy Birthday to Muss at the pool bar during the Arkansas - Ole Miss game.

Food/drink notes: Mama’s Fish House is still great … Frida’s Beach House in Lahaina is also very good if you are looking for a Mexican fix after overdosing on fresh big-eye tuna for several days … Muss is not a pina colada guy :wink:



I agree Wax, and I have been guilty, he may have been our highest rated player, but this team has grown up real fast in his absence, AB is a grown man physically on the court, he has made the most of his time and his development the entire team has benefited.
When Smith is added to the action he will be joining a completely different team.
I think it’s really cool to see how these guys have had his back by progressing on and getting so much better as a team, it would been easy to slump losing a guy like Nick. He has been a great encouraging teammate as well. I eagerly await his return.

I was crashing the boards, but saw at the last minute KJ had it.
It was 3 physical games, I’m a bit sore and banged up, I will bounce back.

Food. Java Jazz Cafe great coffee, great breakfast, quite a groovy vibe as well.

Looking forward to Monday.


Arizona was also at the Hyatt, and the Mai Tai’s at Monkeypod in Wailea are the best on earth, the food was great, too.


Groovy. Surely you’re not that old…. :wink:

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