Maui Invitational

Really hope it is back in Maui. Been planning the trip for a year now. If it is in Vegas, will probably go, but it will be just going to a couple of basketball games (not bad) instead of a nice trip. Hope to see Guy as well.

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If the tournament is in Maui in 22, we’ll be there. All, thanks for the information.

You absolutely must drive to the top of Haleakala. And do it before sunrise if possible. It’s like being on Mars

Remember, you need a reservation from the NPS to do that. Should be no problem in Nov., but have never tried in Nov. either so what do I know.

If you do the drive, check on the temps at the summit before you leave. Be prepared for a 20-50 degree difference between sea level and the summit. Dress accordingly.
UA…Campus of Champions

we are not early morning people, so we watched a sunset atop haleakala, then stayed to watch the incredible night sky. so awesome! so humbling! so cold! take layers and blankets, hat, pants etc.


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